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Constitution of the Asean federation of cement manufacturerS


1.     This organiztion shall be known as the Asean federation of cement manufacturers, and hereinafter referred to as the AFCM

2.     The objectives of AFCM are to:

a.      Promote cooperation and coordinate among cement manufacturers in Asean members nations in line with the aims and objectives of the Asean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASEAN-CCI)

b.     Initiate, encourage and coordinate the preparation and implementation of plans, programmes and projects that will  accelerate and harmonise the growth and progress of cement industry in the region.

c.     Promote closer relation and cooperation between and among the cement manufacturing business communities in the Asean member countries and with other regional and international organizations with similar aims and objectives.

d.     Serve as chanel of communication for the compilation and dissemination of information of common concern, as well as to provide facilities for consultation and exchange of views between and among its constituent members.

e.      Affiliate itself with Asean-cci and to serve as the sole body to implement and dealt with the problems of Asean coorperation in the cement industry.

f.       Develop and initiate the preparation and implementation of plans, programmes and projects that will promote and advance intra-asean and intra-asean and inter-regional trade.

g.     Fomulate and develop recommendations on investment incentives, tariffs, non-tariff barriers an other measures of protection for cement projects and products for complementation.


1.     The AFCM shall consist of cement associations and/or bulk cement terminal operators and have been certified by their respective national Chamber of Commerce and Industry or its equivalent, from each ASEAN country, as constituent members. In the event that there is only one cement manufacturer and/or bulk cement terminal operator in a newly admitted member of ASEAN, that cement manufacturer and/or bulk cement terminal operator may be accepted as a member of AFCM in the absence of a cement association until such time that an Association is formed. However, the cement manufacturer and/or bulk cement terminal operator, must be certified by its own National Chamber of Commerce or its equivalent.

2.     For purposes of voting, each constitutuent member is entitled to only one vote.

3.     Constituent members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges pertaining to membership and shall comply with the duties and resposibilities thereof.

4.     Members shall be oligated to attend the meetings, aceept the positions assigned by the Council or Conference, and submit requires information as requested by the Council or Conference.

5.     Membership status may be review by the Cuoncil, should a member fail to fulfill its duties and the responsibilities as stipulated in Article II, item 4.


1.     The Council shall :

2.     Membership of Council:

The Council shall consist of the following as members:

a.      The president, the Vice president, the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General and the head of delegation of each constituent member.

b.     Coordinators of all standing Committees as appointed by the Council pertaining to Item 6 (d) of this Article.

3.      The president, the Vice president, the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General shall not be regarded as representatives of constituent members. They shall be ASEAN nationals.

4.     Nomination of the president, the Vice president and the Appointment of the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General.

a.      The Council shall nominate from among its members a president and a Vice President who shall serve for a period of approximately two years or until the next conference of AFCM.

b.     The person holding the post of Vice president shall be from a country diffirent from that of the president, and preferably from the country next in line to assume the position of President.

c.     The position of The president, the Vice president shall rotate among the constituent members by alphabetical order.

d.     The Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General shall be appoited by president for a term of 2 years.

e.      The nomination of The president, the Vice president, and the appoitment of the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General shall be ratified by the ensuing Conference.

5.     Council meeting.

a.      Council shall meet at least once a year, it may meet more frequently if the need arises. Pior to the Conference, the Council shall preferably hold one of its Meeting.

b.     Under nominal circumstances, a nomal Notice of Meeting of at least thirty days shall be given by the Secretary General. The Notice shall be accompanied by a provisional agenda for Meeting.

c.     A quorum shall exit if at least 2/3 of the number of the constituent members are represented at the Meeting.

d.     Each delegate to the Council will have right to speak at the Meeting subject to permission given by the head of delegation.

e.      Each delegation shall have only vote to be exercised through the Head of delegation. 

6.     Authority of the council:

The council shall have the authority to:

a.      Establish piorities and policies in the line with the objectives of AFCM.

b.     Fomulate, develop and approve plans, programes and related activities that will promote and enhance AFCM involvement in intra-ASEAN regional economic cooperation efforts.

c.     Receive from constituent members suggestions, proposals, subject or activities to be considered.

d.     Establish commitees and other working groups to assist in the proper conduct of the Council and appoint the officers and members of these committees.

e.      Cooperate and maintain close relations with other national, relational and international organizationals engaged in cement manufacturing, or cement trade, and to actively participates in all such organizations.

f.       Accept, reject, modify or discontinue membership.

g.     Submit recommendations on matters which require due consideration and approval of the Conference. In instance, where urgent decisions are requires on matters that have not been considered previously at one of its Meetings, the council shall secure the agreement of all the constituent members be referendum to approve the recommendations.

h.     Adopt rules of procedure for the conduct of each Council meeting and Conference consistent with the AFCM constitution.

i.        Resolve all questions involving the interpretation of the Constitution.

j.        Fix the date and place of Council meetings.


1.     The conference is the legislative body within the AFCM. It shall have the power to ratify and endorse decisions made by the Council, and approve recommendations submitted by the council.

2.     The conference shall be held at least once every two years on a date to be determined by the council in consultation with the host country, and at the place determined by the preceding Conference. Under normal circumstances, a formal Notice of Meetin of at least 45 days shall be given be the Secretary General. The notice shall be accompanied by a provisional agenda for the meeting.

3.     The chaiman of the Conference shall be the incumbent President.

4.     Each constituent member shall send their representative(s) to attend the Conference.

5.     Each delegate to the conference will have the right to speak at the meeting subject to permission being given by the Head of Delegation.

6.     Each delegation shall have 1 vote to be exercised through the Head of Delegation.

7.     A quorum shall exist of at least 2/3 of the number of the constituent members are presented at the Meeting.

8.     The agenda of the Conference shall be prepared by the Secretary General in consultation with the president, and should include all matters to be ratify by the Conference, viz, nominations, appointments financial reports or financial arrangements, and subject of interest fron the work programme of the Council, together with any subject of which due notice has been given.

9.     The Conference shall ratify the nomination of thr incoming President and vice President, and the appoitment of the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General.

10. The Conference shall review the activities of the Council and the Secretariat and make such recommedations as it may deem necessary.

11. The Conference shall consider and approve thr financial reports recommended by the Council.

12. All decisions and resolutions at the Conference shall be decided by a simple majority of those president.


1.     Duties and Responsibilities of the President.

The president ia the Chief Executive officer of council, and shall be responsible for following:

a.      To plain, organise, coordinate, direct and supervise all activities relating and effecting the AFCM.

b.     To preside over all conferences and council meetings.

c.     To assume responsibility for decisions made in the execution of his duties by exercising the power conferred upon him by the constitution.

2.     Duties and responsibilities of the Vice president.

The Vice president shall assist the president in the execution of his duties, and shall assume the President’s power and duties in his absence.

3.     Election of Chairperson in the Absence of both the President and vice president.

In the absence of both the President and vice President, the meeting in Session shall alect a delegate to chair and preside over the meeting.

4.     Duties and responsibilities of the Secretary General.

The Secretary General shall be responsible for the follwing:

a.      To administer the daily affairs of AFCM.

b.     To prepare the budget of the Secretariat for submission to the council for approval.

c.     To maintain appropriate communications with ASEAN-CCI and other ASEAN bodies.

d.     To implement and monitor decisions of all Conference Meetings.

e.      TO perform all other fuctions in oder to ensure that the Secretariat serves the needs of the AFCM.

5.     The office of the Secretariat shall be in the host country.

6.     Duties and resposibilities of the deputy Secretary General.

The deputy Secretary General shall assist the Secretary General in execution if his duties, and shall assume the Secretary General ‘s duties and reponsibilities in his absence.

Article VI: FINACE

1.     The AFCM may be financed through subscriptions from its constituent members, the amount and allocation of which shall be recommended by the Council and approved by the Conference.

2.     Donations may be accepted at the discretion of the Council.

3.     Funds may be raised from other sources e.g from fees collected from symposia, seminars, trade exhibitions, advertisements, ect, and other projects.

4.     All funds of the AFCM shall be administered by the Secretary General as the Council may direct.

5.     For accounting purposes, fiscal years of the AFCM shall end on the 30th day of June of each year.


1.     The council may propose additions and/or amendments to the Constitution of such amendments in the Agenda of the Conference provided that such proposal is submitted in writing to the Secretary General 15 days prior to the Conference.

2.     Any alterations, additions and/or amendments shall be become effective only upon adoption by the Conference.


In the event of the dissolution of the AFCM, the disposition of net assets, if any, shall be recommended by the Council and approved by the Conference.


The constitution shall take effect only upon approval by the Conference.

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